Lead Paint Testing in Maryland & Washington DC

What we do

We test for lead based paint.

We are employed by landlords, property managers and homeowners to ensure their properties are in compliance with the current lead paint laws.

We visit your property and perform an initial lead test assessment at no charge.

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Why we do it

Legislation requires landlords in Maryland and the District of Columbia to ensure their properties have valid lead paint certificates.

Lead paint certificates identify the status of the property should a query be raised.


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How we do it

We initially carry out a quick assessment from an XRF “gun” to identify whether lead based paint is present. Depending on the results we then perform either a lead free or a full risk reduction inspection (also known as dust swipes or lead safe).

We will recommend the most appropriate inspection for your circumstances.

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Neil Roseman, owner of LeadProbe, performing lead paint inspections in Maryland and Washington DCA message from the owner, Neil Roseman

We are a focused, Maryland based business, committed to excellence in lead paint inspections. Read more.

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Almost anything you would want to know about lead paint and lead paint inspections. Read more

A quide to current regulations

All the rules you need to know without the jargon. Read more.

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